Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dance 101 at BRLTA | 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 29

Now that summer's officially arrived, it’s time to reflect on how we're going to spend the season:

A) Weekend getaways, B) Picnics and barbecues, C) Celebrating Independence Day with summery cocktails, and, of course, D) Looking sizzling hot in your new bikini.

So why is it that A, B and C contradict D? We have your fitness fix.

This Wednesday, June 29, Boca Raton Life Time Athletic brings you Dance 101, the newest in the ongoing Life & Learn 101 series. Beginning at 7 p.m., shimmy, step and waltz your way to a toned physique under the instruction of Samantha Melesenka for just $5 (benefiting the Life Time Fitness Foundation).

Dancing is uplifting, sexy, and increases strength and flexibility while torching calories. It’s no wonder that trends like Zumba DVDs and sitcoms like Dancing with the Stars have become such hits. In fact, Dancing with the Stars is a perfect example of how fun and effective dancing can be. While many stars entered the show fit and trim (personal trainers and private chefs can do wonders!), consider the stars, like Kirstie Alley and Kelly Osbourne, who have battled their weight and ended the season looking and feeling phenomenal.

Good news is, you don’t have to be asked on Dancing with the Stars to reap all of these wonderful benefits - just join us at Boca Raton Life Time Athletic for Dance 101! Not only with you become bikini ready, but you’re sure to appreciate all those extra endorphins, as well as a new hobby that you can show off on the dance floor. Now that’s a commitment worth keeping.

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  1. Working out and having fun at the same time, sounds good to me!