Monday, March 28, 2011

Gab Night Out: Pre Cinco de Drinko Celebration

We were long overdue for a Happy Hour. Had we really not had an official Gab Night Out together since the Gab Holiday Party? We made up for it during this Friday's Gab Night Out, though, held at Uncle Julio's in Mizner Park.

The theme was Pre Cinco de Drinko, and, yes, we are aware that Cinco de Mayo is more than a full month away. What can we say, we're ahead of the curve. And love any excuse to get together over Mexican. With that in mind, this month's appointed party committee (Sam, Steph and Jen) went to work crafting the following visually stunning, extremely high-tech invite:

(Ok, we admit we don't have the skills of our design department. Moving on.)

The lessons learned over the course of the evening were:

If you're late, even if it's because you're meeting deadlines, you will be forced to wear a sombrero.

There's no such thing as too little guacamole.

After a few margaritas and mojitos, Mexican mustaches are a fantastic idea.


  1. Omg who's that good looking margarita with suspenders?

  2. This is scary/fabulous! So much fun!

  3. Jon, we thought it was only fitting to give you the margarita. You earned it.

  4. Im glad I got salt around that rim, rim, rim ,rim

  5. triple threat planning committee is totally #winning