Monday, August 23, 2010

Potluck Part Deux

Every so often, we at Gab take a break from our hectic schedules to refuel and recenter as a team. After a whirlwind couple of months, it was high time to reward ourselves with the Second Annual Gab Potluck, where everyone in the office shares a homemade dish from his or her heritage. So, what was on the menu for our culturally inspired soiree?

Appetizers were covered by two of our amazing Assistant Publicists, who began our feast with Carlyn's fresh Israeli Salad and Ashley's creamy Hawkeye Tailgating Dip.

Next came the entrees, a Latin explosion of flavor and heat. Jen, our Director of Media, brought a little Cuban flavor with Arroz con Miaz y Chorizo, while our new intern, Jon, added to the heat with delish Empanadas. Daniella, our Venezuelan Design Intern, brought Queso de Mano-topped Chachapas and Tequeños, bread dough twists stuffed with Queso Blanco.

Equally spicy were the flavorful Pakistani Chicken Shami Kababs whipped up by Sarah, our Events Coordinator. As for yours truly, PR Copywriter Stephanie, I slaved over Nana’s Meatballs and Sauce, making it from scratch with basil from the garden.

It just wouldn’t be a Gab event without some serious desserts. “Fairy Cupcakes,” Funfetti cupcakes with strawberry icing and “fairy dust” sprinkles, were whipped up, fittingly, by adorable Assistant Publicist extraordinaire Samantha. Creative Director Asia brought Phillipino delicacies called Turon, fried banana spring rolls. And what PR Director Michelle lacks in baking skills, she made up for by knowing an amazing local French bakery! Played like a true PR pro, Michelle brought a to-die-for fruit tart.

11 employees + 0 leftovers = Success. It's good to be Gab!


  1. Such a fantastic day at The Gab Group!The food was amazing and so much fun to taste different dishes from around the world! So happy to be a part of such a great group of people and am glad I got to bring a little flavor from "God's Country!"

  2. I still cannot get over that fruit tart! That French bakery is dangerous, we will all have to go there for lunch one day.

  3. can't wait for the next one to whip up more never-land delights! :)